Back in 2000 , Allied Industrial Supplies Company Limited (AISCL) was founded and served San Fernando patrons and the surrounding region. Typical of such businesses in the Caribbean, only a counter service was available for customers which was the norm. Over a period of time, a dream of transforming the business to include the addition of a retail home improvement section began to grow. Sixteen years ago , this was a massive project  and as such the support of a strong co-op was needed to successfully materialize this dream.

Over the years , a number of distributors and co-ops were reviewed with the hope that one may be a good fit for our vision. In 2010 , discussions were held with the international team at Do It Best Corp. and from the start the communication was harmonious and unlike any other held prior. We received a very positive  and approachable attitude from the Do It Best Corp. which encouraged us further. So in 2012, we became Do It Best member-owners, and side by side we began to build the Allied Do It Best Home Center.

For the new store we really listened to the Do It Best Corp. Team and tapped into their experience and expertise. They were crucial in assisting us to implement the store layout as well as merchandising to the Signature™ Store Design , we are proud of the result. The store has an uplifting ambience , filled with a great sense of energy.

Allied Home Center was thus opened in August 2013 and from the beginning we have been extremely well received. We knew that there was considerable equity in  AISCL but we were taken by surprise that people would translate that expertise into knowing how  to help themselves with home improvement projects. In fact, beyond carrying the products needed, we’ve built a reputation as a knowledge resource for our customers. We’ve also become a community hub, as we regularly host health drives, promote product demos and customers look forward to celebrating major holidays with us.

What we’ve done with Allied Home Center was most ambitious and we thank the Do It Best Corp. for helping to make it a reality. Of course Allied Home Center would not function without the AISCL and the Allied Home Center teams who are more like family than employees and associates. Through all our experiences, we have learnt once you associate with a co-op and a team of individuals who are like your family; and together they align with your goals and vision, anything is possible.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.